Media Relations

An organization should build a relationship with journalists, reporters and editors who are core in informing the public on the organization’s activities. Regular publicity stories and media spins are crucial in putting your organization at the top of your client’s minds and ensuring the client is portrayed positively to the public through the media.

Perception is so very powerful. Your employees, suppliers and your customers all have opinions of your company. Do you know what their perception of your company is today? Does it match up with your idea of what it should be? If you don't in a public relations professional and take control.

Most companies have interesting things going on over the course of time. New customers, new products and services, new solutions to problems. Make sure to take the time to record and share these events. Stand out and be recognized. Or hire a PR firm to handle this for you. An outsider is more likely to see what you are overlooking as newsworthy.Give out a News release!

One often overlooked area of opportunity for company's comes in the form of copyrights and trademarks. Countless company's name products, services and processes without realizing that they have an opportunity for competitive advantage, not to mention potentially great PR exposure, simply by choosing and using names and communicating them, wrting and distributing press releases.


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