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We cater for all types of agritourism expeditions into Tanzania and beyond from Beef Tours to Poultry Tours and from Horticulture Tours to Aquaculture & Marine Tours, CoSo Marketing Agritours can create the perfect tour for you. We have vast experience in areas such as Tours for Farm Business Leaders, Educational Tours Student & University groups, farmers, professional, governmental & regulatory body tours.

Every agricultural tour we design is fully customized to the needs of your tour group. We tailor the budget, visits, type of accommodation, vehicles used, locations and every other aspect to match your group's requirements.

Agri Tours provides Tanzania Farm Tours showcasing the practices of the most advanced, the most successful, and the most specialised farmers and agricultural businesses in Tanzania.

CoSo Marketing Agritours is happy to work with you to organize group tours. These tours can be arranged for any number of people and for a variety of ages and interests. Our suggested, specialized tours are listed below, and we will work with you to create a trip your group will never forget!