B2B Meetings - Organizing & Management
We are building a better way to identify and connect with new strategic partners. We’ve brought years of leadership and expertise in B2B, SMBs and Big Data to create a platform where businesses can find new partners, be found by companies looking to grow and get inspiration for their next growth strategy - all based on hundreds of millions of data points.portunities around the world.

Let’s talk Business
By carefully matching profiles and expertise, we will help buyers, sellers and providers to easily find possible business partners. This adds extra value to the event, making it more attractive to potential attendees. We understand that private and in-depth B2B meetings are essential in business.
We will pre-arrange
One-on-One meetings between global business leaders (foreign companies/buyers) and reliable Tanzania companies (suppliers).
These International B2B meetings make it easier and faster for you to find international partners because they offer you the option of choosing potential partners according to your needs based on information about business partners and their interests. This eventually turns into a list of meetings that take place at the specific location and time. Each participant gets their own custom list of meetings at least one day before the B2B event itself.